The ultimate onboarding checklist for new employees

There’s nothing worse than turning up for your first day and feeling like your new
team didn’t get the memo.

This is a bad start for employee and employer. The last thing you want is your new star sitting bored, feeling like they might have made a mistake.

But fear not! We have compiled a simple checklist to follow when you hire someone
new. Step by step, we will help you make your new hotshot feel like part of the family from DayOne ;)


1. Book at least an hour and half out for their arrival 

Your new start is likely to be anxious about arriving, so ensure you have enough time to make them feel at ease. Make it official: block out time in your calendar.


2. Make sure their desk is set up with style 

You knew it was coming; after all, we pay the bills by selling employee onboarding
packs. However, the reason we founded DayOne is because we know the
excitement and energy a welcome pack can create.

Here is our ideal desk set up 

  • A 'good' desk, yes their new, but don't sit them beside the beside the toilet or the noisy eater. 
  • A DayOne onboarding pack in the centre
  • Any documentation they might find handy
  • Any tech they are going to need (Laptops, phone, mouse, keyboard, screen etc) 
  • Ideally positioned where they can see you - you are probably the only person they know don't make them go on quest to find you! 


3. Introduce them to people and show them around

Protip: A few days before - make sure you know all of your colleagues name. There’s nothing worse than trying to introduce someone as "guy with the glasses that never cleans his desk and picks his nose on the sly."

Don't leave your new start to venture around the office, haphazardly walking into
cupboards as they try to find the toilet. Show them around and introduce them to the team. Ask each colleague to briefly introduce their role and the projects they’re
working on.


4. Prepare an agenda for their first week

This one takes a bit of prep but is worth it. The first week of a new job can be dull. It's your job to kill this trend. Plan a week’s worth of tasks to give your newbie an
energetic start to their new post.

One-to-one meetings are good idea, but make sure they’re short and with key people. Set tasks, mini projects or missions - mix it up!


5. Take them out for lunch

It's likely your newbie is going to be facing an awkward first couple of lunches. Make it easy - take them out on the company and invite the rest of their team. This is also a good opportunity to show them the local area.


That's it! With these simple steps you will make your new star feel at home in no
time. If you have any onboarding tips you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. contact us or comment below! :) 




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